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About Us

We support organisations that want to make transformative change; to make a positive impact on their customers, staff and communities.


About Us

Harris and Saunders Consulting is a social enterprise co-founded by Louise Harris and Anuja Saunders.  We are specialist change management consultants using our knowledge and experience to help organisations improve their access and inclusion through perception and behaviour change at the very core of their business.


We're passionate about our work and collaborate with a wide network of consultants and strategic partners that share our ethos to put together the right, partner led project team for your business, enabling us to take a flexible approach and offer bespoke, cost-effective solutions.

Find out more about our foundations here.

Our Vision

We believe that private and public organisations have a key role to play in creating a socially inclusive world. We also predict that the most successful businesses in the 21st century will be those that are agile and can increasingly adapt to the individual needs of all their customers.

We want to be part of a (not-very-distant) future where age, disability or additional need will not be a barrier to participation.