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Our Story

Get to know more about the team behind Harris & Saunders Consulting.

Meet the Partners

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Louise Harris

A Chartered Manager with an MSc in Business Management, Louise is an experienced and commercially focused business strategist who has worked across a range of private and not-for-profit organisations to develop and drive cultural and strategic change projects. She has an open and straight talking approach which quickly gets to the heart of the issues.  


As a non-neurotypical in a neurotypical world, Louise knows first-hand how a “one size fits all” approach can fail and frustrate the end user.  She volunteers for a local children's disabilities group and is passionate about guiding businesses and institutions to do better.  Louise boxes for fitness and has a pretty useful right hook.

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Anuja Saunders

After graduating from law school, Anuja went into training and teaching law, working for a number of years within a fast growing regional law firm. There, she became a CIPD qualified HR practitioner with a specialism in training and went on to work for clients in a number of sectors including construction, healthcare and education. Anuja is experienced in creating and delivering change and up-skilling programmes across a wide range of people from senior management to front line staff. Her favourite moment when working with people is the “penny drop” moment, when they suddenly and visibly make connections.


Anuja has lived in the US, Europe and Scandinavia and loves American summers and Swedish winters. She now lives in Oxford.

Our Foundations

After over 30 years combined experience working in a variety of businesses specialising in business strategy, learning and development, human resources and marketing, the Partners, Louise Harris and Anuja Saunders joined a large national disability charity.  Louise was recruited to head up the new commercial division to help improve engagement with the business sector through training and consultancy services.  Having worked together previously, Louise invited Anuja to join the project, managing the design and development of learning interventions.

Whilst working at the charity, it became clear to us that both business and public sector organisations not only recognise the need to improve what they do for their disabled or vulnerable customers, but actually really want to do what’s right.  Moreover, organisations want to recruit a more diverse workforce and promote a socially inclusive culture but are often unsure how to tackle the issue as whole.

Our focus shifted from providing solutions for fixing the symptoms, to one that challenged behaviours at the very core of an organisation to ensure long-term and sustainable change. We saw the need to offer a comprehensive and empowering approach, supporting existing Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) strategies whilst taking it a step further to really empower organisations to change the way they approach these initiatives. By setting up a social enterprise, we are able to provide expert business solutions whilst working towards creating a socially inclusive society.

Our H&S business model promotes transformation through identification and education to change the way teams and staff understand the challenges people with additional needs face.  It allows them to make changes to the way they work, and the way they design and implement processes, leading to organisations improving their social inclusion, brand perception and customer experience for people with disabilities and other additional needs.