Disability Awareness Training

Release potential, improve performance and positively impact your community.


"UK businesses, are estimated to be losing £1.8bn a month by ignoring the needs of disabled customers.​"


Having excellent end-to-end customer service is essential to meet the needs of all your customers.  We recognise that really understanding the needs of customers and staff with additional needs can be a challenge.  We believe that private and public organisations have a key role to play in creating a socially inclusive world, but we also know that tackling the area of accessibility and inclusion can be daunting, with numerous and diverse interests to juggle.  


From front of house staff who engage with customers on a daily basis, through to back end services, in house trainers and management, our range of disability awareness training solutions ensure your staff will become more confident, sensitive and empowered to support customers and staff with a range of additional needs.

Our training:

Business Meeting

Exploratory Workshops

One day workshop for 8-14 people


Facilitated by H&S Consulting, our high-energy one-day workshop encourages delegates to really consider the needs of vulnerable customers and staff with disabilities and empowers attendees to come up with proactive steps they and their organisation can take to become more inclusive and accessible. The workshops are run several times with representatives from across the entire business in order to identify key areas needed for change and discuss how to overcome challenges.


Disability Awareness

Half-day workshop for 8-14 people

Our fun, interactive session introduces delegates to the challenges people with disabilities can face and helps break down barriers whilst promoting understanding and inclusiveness.  The course introduces various disabilities including sight loss and hearing loss, common myths about disability and team building exercises including sensory tasks and challenges.  

Sessions can be tailored to your organisation.

New Hires

Train the Trainer

Following on from a consultancy project, we work with your L&D and training specialists to develop courses for your in-house trainers to embed confidence and knowledge, ensuring that the key principles of the change initiative can be delivered in the organisation going forward.


We also offer a stand-alone Train the Trainer product which will raise the ability of internal training staff to teach general disability awareness.

Business Meeting

Bespoke Programmes

Our qualified training consultants work with your L&D teams to create specific training which addresses an access or inclusion aspect of your business or customer service.  

Programmes can range from incorporating disability awareness into induction training, to advising on creation of training and solutions for any customer facing staff.

Train the trainer can be included to ensure sustainability and to truly future-proof your services.

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We work both remotely and in-house with businesses and attend events throughout the UK.  For more information on any of our services please get in touch at info@harris-saunders.co.uk, on +44 203 287 5375 or via our contact form.

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Release potential, improve performance and positively impact your community.