We're high-energy, fun, pragmatic and non-preachy - and we like to keep it simple! 

Why Us

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We know that tackling the area of accessibility and inclusion can be daunting, with numerous and diverse interests to juggle.


Our consultants work with you to identify the key issues in your business, engage with stakeholders, and define a clear programme of change without the jargon. We get your people to think differently, and to develop a set of principles that come from and are owned by your teams.

We believe that it is when you truly change the DNA of an organisation that you can create a self-sustaining movement for improvement with positive impact being seen in customer satisfaction and trust, employee engagement, diversity of workforce and improved CSR positioning. 

We have experience in business case development, change programmes and training as well as access into the charity sector and special interest groups.  


As a social enterprise, we are not fund-raisers or campaigners but we can give you insight and guidance through this complex landscape.

Your people are your best asset and already have a wealth of understanding of what your customers want.


We believe in releasing the potential in teams to provide great experiences for customers with additional needs. We bring these groups together, make conversations happen and ideas fly.

We know the importance of engaging across the organisation to make the case for change.

We understand that access and inclusion initiatives only make a difference when there is full buy-in.

We are fun, high energy and non-judgmental.  We bring innovation and practicality.

Initiatives and projects can be easily initiated but rarely sustained. The cultural and behavioural change which matters is change which is central to the way you do business. 

We ensure continuous improvement and sustainability through implementation of projects, training and workshops to create internal capability.

Work with us to:

  • Provide staff with a better level of confidence and understanding when supporting people with additional needs

  • Promote a socially inclusive culture

  • Ensure you can reasonably address the required adjustments under the Equality Act (2010)

  • Address regulatory requirements

  • Positively impact your community

  • Increase accessibility to your products and services

  • Access the £249 billion spent by people with disabilities each year

  • Become an inclusive employer


We work both remotely and in-house with businesses and attend events throughout the UK.  For more information on any of our services please get in touch at info@harris-saunders.co.uk, on +44 203 287 5375 or via our contact form.

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